Our wedding ceremony in English was simply beautiful! - International wedding in the Netherlands

Our wedding ceremony in English was simply beautiful! – International wedding in the Netherlands

Our wedding ceremony was simply beautiful, it did not feel like a formal event but was so intimate and personable for us. We look back on hearing our love story told from each other’s words and perspectives, beautifully combined in one speech.

English speaking Dutch wedding officiant

For us the best moment was walking down the aisles. You gave us so much good advice and had everything planned to the smallest detail that we could fully enjoy the moment and feel completely at ease.

​The ceremony was perfect and we truly enjoyed working with you 🙂 Doing the speech and ceremony in English worked out perfectly!

Getting married in the Netherlands, arrival at the ceremony
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English speaking Dutch wedding officiant, the kiss
Bride and groom Getting married in the Netherlands

Getting married in the Netherlands

We chose to work with you, as you had a great reputation as a wedding officiant for wedding ceremonies at the Pollepleats in Friesland and were able to do the ceremony in English for our international guests.

We loved the option to combine the ceremony with a very personal love story and also live music. Your website was very clear and gave a lovely personable impression. So was also the first video call to get to know each other, during which we found you very caring and professional. It simply was a great click from the start. We so enjoyed the structured and professional approach to the entire process.

You have a keen eye for details and are an extremely good listener, who is able to turn personal thoughts name feelings into beautiful words. The entire communication and contact was well organized and we always felt well taken care of.

​For us the entire process was completely smooth and easy, which at all times gave us the feeling of ease. We loved hearing first snippets during the preparations upfront and being able to truly find ourselves back in the story and words. It made it a very special and unforgettable moment for us.

Esther, thank you again for the wonderful wedding ceremony and making this day so special for us!