English speaking wedding officiant in the Netherlands; 'Our ceremony was excellent!'

English speaking wedding officiant in the Netherlands: “The feedback we got from the guests was excellent!”

​We chose you as our wedding officiant in the Netherlands because of your excellent reputation, and after the initial interview we decided we both liked our “chemistry” together, that you were trustworthy, and that you would do your very best for us. ​Also, your English-speaking skills were a factor in the decision to work with you because of the different nationalities at our wedding.

Wedding ceremony at the Pollepleats: "The feedback we got from the guests was excellent!"
Photo: Nicole Bosch Fotografie

You are extremely structured and organized, and very keen on making sure everyone gets everything done. Also you have an open communication, share a lot of information and ask a lot of questions.

Our wedding ceremony at the Pollepleats in Westhem (Friesland, The Netherlands) was great for us, but honestly, it passes by in a bit of a daze for the bride and groom – neither of us really have strong memories of the details only that we were soooo happy and in the moment at the time! The feedback we got from the guests was excellent – they thought it was so personal and intimate and “touching”. Well done!

A great moment in the ceremony for me was the kind way my deceased mother was included. For us both, the way you included Floor (5 years) in the ceremony was amazing!